Tax Services

Moorman, Harting & Company’s tax services go beyond just the preparation of a tax return.  Our comprehensive tax service begins long before returns are due or financial decisions are made.  Moorman, Harting & Company places an emphasis on taking a proactive approach to tax planning to help reduce overall tax liabilities.  Using a combination of dedicated client involvement, technical knowledge, and extensive experience, Moorman, Harting & Company’s tax advisors know that tax saving advantages are business strengths and help clients achieve their financial goals.


Tax laws are constantly changing and growing increasingly complicated.

Moorman, Harting & Company stays current on all the recent tax law changes to minimize our clients’ tax liability.

Moorman, Harting & Company can remove the stress and burden of tax time and give you the peace of mind of knowing you are taking advantage of all tax breaks available to you. By utilizing proactive year-end tax planning, we can offer suggestions to minimize a taxpayer’s overall tax liability.

After all, it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts!


Business taxation can be complex and time consuming, and it’s almost impossible to keep track of the myriad of business credits and deductions that are available.

Our experienced team of tax advisors can provide insight on the various deductions and credits that are available for business owners.

At Moorman, Harting & Company, we know that tax savings increase the value of your business.  Your specialty is running your business, and you do it well.  Moorman, Harting & Company will handle your business tax returns, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that your business is in compliance and you are not paying any more tax than necessary.

Call one of our experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals today!


The business entity you choose will have the greatest impact on how you pay tax and the amount of tax you pay.

At Moorman, Harting & Company, our skilled professionals would be glad to meet with you to discuss business formation and set-up.

Don’t let the selection of the wrong business entity derail your dreams before you have a chance to get started.


One of the most important decisions an individual can make is to prepare and implement a thorough and well thought out estate plan. 

Moorman, Harting & Company has advisors who can help you minimize estate taxes while making sure your heirs will receive the assets you wish to pass on with minimal costs.  You’ve worked hard and saved diligently all your life to achieve your current financial security.

Don’t let a lack of planning spoil a lifetime of achievement that will become a tax efficient legacy to your heirs and beneficiaries.


One of the most complex and misunderstood areas of business taxation is the sales and use tax.  With many states looking for ways to increase revenue in recent years, there has been an increased focus on the sales and use tax.

At Moorman, Harting & Company, we can assist you in determining if you are in compliance with applicable sales and use tax regulations.


Taxes related to the payroll function of your business can be some of the most onerous taxes the business faces. In addition, there are steep penalties for late filing or improper payment.

At Moorman, Harting & Company, we make sure that the proper returns are filed in a timely and cost effective manner.

We make sure you know what your tax liabilities are so there are no surprises.