Accounting Services

From basic accounting work to reviewed financial statements, Moorman, Harting & Company is committed to assist you in achieving your financial goals. Since 1955, Moorman, Harting & Company has been providing various services such as those listed below, to help clients grow in an ever-changing environment.


Accounting & Review

We will assist businesses in multiple ways and by providing various levels of service. From assisting in reconciling checkbooks to preparing compiled or reviewed financial statements for management or for financial institutions, Moorman, Harting & Company is here to help. We will provide you this financial information on a time schedule your business wants and desires. We deal with our clients on a proactive basis – stressing professionalism, personal service and absolute timeliness.


In today’s business world, owners are demanding additional financial information that is not always included in the financial statements. Other business owners are having trouble interpreting their financial information in order to make a sound business decision.

This is where Moorman, Harting & Company can help. With our firm’s history and our personal experience, we will:

  • Provide financial information the business owner wants
  • Present financial statements that are easy to understand
  • Compare key financial ratios to your business industry
  • Proactively inform you of possible financial areas that need attention

Finally, we will meet with your banker and attorney to address any concerns that they may have about your financial and legal needs. We truly want to become your one stop in assisting you in making good business decisions that will affect your entire future!


Quickbooks, Sage, JobPower, Timberline, Great Plains, and more.

Businesses utilize many different softwares. Sometimes, businesses realize their accounting firm does not know their software and their accounting firm is of no assistance to them.

That is not the case at Moorman, Harting & Company! We realize that accounting software can efficiently modernize a business’ accounting in order to effectively use accounting personnel. As a result, our staff is trained in multiple softwares. We are instrumental in:

  • Selecting the most appropriate software for your business
  • Implementing the software and establishing internal controls
  • Training personnel
  • Setting up the chart of accounts and financial reports
  • Reviewing to ensure the software is operating correctly
  • Utilizing the system in obtaining the financial information desired